Babies and Tot's

How We Work

When you bring your baby or tot into the nursery wing, we will ensure that you register your child properly.  A friendly volunteer team will welcome your child with open arms.  We keep our nursery area exceptionally clean and sanitized, ensuring that your child is in the healthiest environment possible.  

We also give every parent a number or pager that will flash on the back wall behind the stage in the sanctuary if your child needs assistance.  It is easily seen with red digital numbers when you are in the sanctuary.   

We will not release your child to anyone other than the person who drops them off.  The sign in and out policy is strictly enforced.  You can be rest assured that our friendly child workers are prepared to care for your precious children.  We also invite each parent inside the ministry to come and participate when you are available to see how we function.  

what we value 

Amy Mellor is the Supervisor of the Babies Class and the Tot's Class

Amy (On the left) and her daughter

Jen (On the right)