Anchor Ministries  

About This Ministry

The Anchor Ministry is our prayer ministry at CCOG.  We use the term anchor because it is the foundation of everything we do here at the church.  It secures all other ministries to the most important person and work of Jesus Christ.  This ministry is led by three powerful prayer warriors: Elaine Richardson, Sue Ramsey, and Margaret Kloogh.  These women have a tremendous, individual, dedication to prayer as they oversee this imperative ministry here at Clairemont.    

You will find our prayer team at the altars every Sunday morning after the service.  They patiently wait being available to pray with anybody requesting prayer.  You will find this prayer team on Sunday morning before the service in our fireside room committing to one full hour of dedicated prayer.  You will find this prayer time meeting privately with Pastor Jeff, partnering with him and praying for him as he leads the church.  You will also find this prayer team meeting on a regular basis off campus as they pray for the needs of the people in the church.  Anchor ministry also partners with other prayer ministries in the San Diego County Church of God.   

Additionally, this ministry oversees the National Day of Prayer every year at CCOG.  

The prayer ministry is the anchor that holds our other ministries up before the Lord.  

if you desire to partner with the anchor ministry here at CCOG, please contact Elaine Richardson via the church office @ 858.278.6802.  

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"My house shall be a house of prayer..."- Luke 19:46