Sunday Morning

Scripture teaches us to sing songs before our God.  Clairemont Church of God expresses our worship through songs and singing on Sunday morning.  You can expect various sounds, songs, and unique forms of worship during every service.  If you love singing and music, make sure you show up on time! 

This seat is for you 


We've been told many times that our people are some of the friendliest, welcoming folks around.  You will be greeted with a smile, welcomed comfortably, not pressured or, pushed, and invited to enjoy the service.  If somebody doesn't smile and say hi to you we'll give you a $100 (just kidding).  But it's rare that people leave the service without feeling welcomed, encouraged and filled with faith.  


Biblical teaching 

We teach straight from the bible.  We stand when we read scripture.  We do our best to conform our lifestyles to the teachings of the bible.  Sunday morning sermons are practical, applicable, relevant, convicting, inspiring, and will draw you into wanting more of Jesus Christ.  

10 -11:30am 

expressive music and worship  

what about my kids 


The first Sunday of every month we like to call "family Sunday." This is when all kids ages 5 and up join mom and dad in "big church" the entire service.  We also take communion on this Sunday.  Every other Sunday we have a well equipped nursery, K-4 (tots) ministry, and Kids Connection ministry upstairs.  However, as a parent you are more than welcome to keep your children in the service with you on any Sunday if you prefer.  There are clipboards and crayons for your kids in the lobby at the welcome center.  Parents beware: we require that you sign-in your children and sign them out when services begin and finish.  We will not release your child unless the same person who signed them in, comes and gets them! Safety first is our standard.  But your kids will never want to leave, that's how cool our kids ministry is... 




Wear what you want? Most folks dress casual and some dress up a little nicer.  People wear anything from shorts and flip flops to full suits.  It's very, casual, and relaxed.  Pastor Jeff may wear a suit one Sunday and blue jeans and a polo the next.  You never know, and we really don't care how you dress when you visit.  You're welcomed here no matter what threads you have.   

call to worship